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WohnZukunftsTag 2020: EverReal founder Nessim Djerboua answers questions about the digitalization of the real estate industry

WohnZukunftsTag 2020 was entirely in keeping with the concept of digitization. Marc Schmidt, owner and consultant of ExcellenceSales, interviewed EverReal founder and managing director Nessim Djerboua about future-oriented technologies.

Digital and creative concepts for your vacancy management

More than 100 interested parties per apartment in attractive locations are not uncommon. In other regions, however, demand is completely absent. The result - apartments and houses stand empty.

5 software solutions that companies in the real estate industry should know

The world is digital. From real-time communication with friends and family to online shopping - we use many digital structures because they provide us with an improved time and benefit factor. Against this background, it is all the more astonishing that comprehensive digitization has still not taken place in the real estate industry.

How to save 10 valuable hours per letting transaction

Property managers and employees of housing companies have to deal with time-consuming work steps in the rental process on a daily basis. Thanks to smart technology, it is no problem today to save up to 10 hours per rental. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do that.

Real estate industry and Corona: optimism in the crisis

People's lives have always changed disruptively. The triggers range from inventions like electricity to historical events like the fall of the iron curtain. The current situation is also such an event. A virus that paralyzes the entire life of society leaves the world in a different state.

Contactless rental thanks to digital possibilities

The real estate industry is at a turning point. Many property managers, asset managers and housing companies have recognized the urgency of the change from analog to digital corporate structures and are preparing for the future.

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