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Digital and creative concepts for your vacancy management

More than 100 interested parties per apartment in attractive locations are not uncommon. In other regions, however, demand is completely absent. The result - apartments and houses stand empty.

Real estate industry and Corona: optimism in the crisis

People's lives have always changed disruptively. The triggers range from inventions like electricity to historical events like the fall of the iron curtain. The current situation is also such an event. A virus that paralyzes the entire life of society leaves the world in a different state.

Lack of specialists in the real estate industry: Time for new ways

Although the shortage of skilled workers is not a widespread phenomenon in Germany, it has become a serious problem in some industries. Property managers, housing companies, construction companies, real estate agents - they all complain about massive problems in finding qualified employees. The reasons for this are complex, but the good news is that solutions are available.

GDPR - New Data Protection reguation for Rentals and Fines

With the entry into force of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on May 25, 2018, the previously applicable Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) was revised or replaced. In the future, all property managers, housing companies and property managers will have to observe some new data protection guidelines.

Smart tenant matching: find the perfect tenant immediately

Smart tenant matching - this is the name of the latest buzzword that haunts property companies.

Digitalization of renting real estate: online renting is faster

The letting of dwelling is a complex affair: Exposés provide, prospective customer inquiries answer, the credit-worthiness of potential tenants examine. Whether you are real estate owners yourselves or as house and housing management the interests of landlords and tenants represent: Manual processes in the letting costs a lot of time.

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