5 software solutions that companies in the real estate industry should know

The world is digital. From real-time communication with friends and family to online shopping - we use many digital structures because they provide us with an improved time and benefit factor. Against this background, it is all the more astonishing that comprehensive digitization has still not taken place in the real estate industry.

There are already a whole range of software solutions and digital possibilities for real estate managers and housing companies interested in a digital way of working to make their day-to-day work more productive and thus work more efficiently.

In the following, we present 5 important solutions with which project developers, property managers and housing companies can digitize their operations and thus position themselves for a successful future.

Cost control in construction: Alasco


Alasco is the expert when it comes to project finances and the monitoring of project budgets. A structured filing of contracts and orders is the basis for successful project management.

Alasco relies on one thing above all, overview: orders and contractually agreed order conditions are created and assigned to the respective projects. Invoices and supplements are easily linked to the associated orders - Alasco enables transparent traceability. For example, customers always know immediately about the budget and any changes to the budget.

With Alasco, project developers and property developers have all financial data in one system and also complete traceability through automatic documentation. Transparent processes mean fewer errors occur, costs and revenues can be easily planned and budgets and orders can be managed easily.

Digital documentation and communication in construction and real estate projects: PlanRadar


PlanRadar is the professional when it comes to efficient and digital plan management for checking and distributing construction plans.

The chronological and complete documentation of the planning status ensures transparency and draws project participants equally to account. If necessary, all information about a project can be exported and changes can be traced.

With PlanRadar, new tasks can be created during the meeting, the site inspection or on the go. These can then easily be assigned to different project participants at the push of a button. The cloud-based management platform automatically synchronizes processes and makes them available to those involved in the project in real time on all devices.

Facility managers and owners in particular are always up to date with the latest information. The project team can use PlanRadar to complete tasks on time and generate reports with just one click. Thus, companies always have a full overview of all properties.

Real estate marketing: Ogulo


With its virtual property tours and services, Ogulo offers a win-win situation for everyone involved in the property marketing process.

With virtual tours, real estate companies present themselves to the outside world as service-oriented and innovatively thinking companies. Virtual tours offer several advantages for both cheap and expensive real estate.

Unfortunately, cheap apartments often bring idle and time-consuming sightseeing tourism. With Ogulo, the number of viewing appointments can be reduced and thus cover costs despite the low commission.

Even in the case of an expensive property, where the real estate agent accompanies the first inspection on site, a virtual tour can show its strengths afterwards.

The interested party can deepen the impressions gained on site with family and friends. At the same time, Ogulo customers can use the statistics tool to see exactly how long and how often the interested party viewed the virtual tour in which rooms. With this knowledge you can confidently enter into price negotiations.

Letting & Selling Real Estate: EverReal


EverReal is an innovative B2B2C platform that helps real estate companies rent and sell real estate faster and smarter.

EverReal can be used to control the entire process - from marketing to handover of the property - in a customer-oriented and holistic manner. Administrative tasks related to changing tenants or the sales process, such as Thanks to EverReal’s technology, e.g. obtaining information and coordinating viewing appointments are automated so that employees have more time for customers and new business.

The result: EverReal customers reduce the effort involved in handling rentals and sales by up to 80%.

Another advantage of the software is the real-time insight into all activities and thus improved sales control: companies are always informed thanks to clear data on the rental or purchase process and can thus make better decisions and identify potential for improvement.

Digital tenant & owner communication: casavi


Renting, managing and maintaining a property require the efficient interaction of a wide variety of parties. The casavi platform connects owners, tenants, property managers, facility managers and other service providers in the cloud. This leads to sustainable process optimization, while at the same time improving customer orientation.

Communication plays a central role in the field of property management. Prompt provision of information, the dutiful preparation and dispatch of accounts, protocols and other documents, as well as the processing of customer inquiries and reports are important aspects of the daily administration.

Casavi serves as a central interface for the provision of information and documents, as well as a process-optimized return channel for all customer concerns.

Companies that rely on casavi for tenant communication offer their customers the most modern and best service in the real estate industry. At the same time, you save work, increase the efficiency of your employees and thus increase the company's profitability.

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