EverReal among the top 100 most innovative PropTechs in Europe

  • Munich-based proptech startup is the only company from Germany to reach the finals in the “Digital Asset Management” category
  • As the first and only all-in-one real estate software, EverReal digitizes the entire rental and sales process and develops innovative functions that significantly improve networking and collaboration with asset and property managers

Munich, November 11, 2020 - The Munich proptech startup EverReal, founded by Nessim Djerboua and Liviu Ignat, was selected among the top 100 in this year's BUILDWORLD Real Estate Innovation Contest. The young SaaS provider competed against another 400 applicants from all over Europe and was the only candidate from Germany to reach the final in the “Digital Asset Management” category.

BUILTWORLD sees itself as the leading innovation ecosystem in the real estate and construction industry, bringing together pioneers among large real estate companies with interdisciplinary experts and young technology companies. In cooperation with PwC, BUILTWORLD looks every year for the most promising young industry innovators and lets them present their digital solutions to the top-class jury, represented by Aachener Grund, Commerz Real, Fraunhofer IAO, Helaba, Osborne Clarke, Patrizia, among others.

“We are proud that EverReal was able to prevail at this year's BUILTWORLD Innovation Contest and made it to the finals. Our mission is not only to completely digitize all real estate transactions and thus to make them 80 percent more efficient. We also want to significantly improve the collaboration between asset managers and partners for the first time with EverReal. With the new 'Collaboration' function, which we are currently testing in a pilot phase, asset and property managers will in future be able to work together in one portal and in real time and significantly increase their own profitability, "explains Nessim Djerboua.

EverReal presented its innovative Real Estate Transaction & Collaboration Platform live in a zoom call on October 28, 2020 in front of the jury made up of key players from the industry in the finalist round. The main focus was on the possibility of using EverReal to process real estate transactions such as renting and selling almost completely digitally. This not only leads to considerable time and cost savings, but also opens up completely new possibilities for simplifying cooperation with partners such as asset and property managers and for making data available in real time.

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