INDUSTRIA WOHNEN is now working with EverReal

  • Specialist for residential real estate investments relies on digitized letting process and real-time communication in the nationwide network
  • New function enables uncomplicated collaboration with partners and clients
  • Win-win-win situation for INDUSTRIA WOHNEN, partners and prospective tenants

Munich, November 19, 2020 - INDUSTRIA WOHNEN GmbH, specialist for investments in German residential real estate with a managed portfolio with a volume of more than 3.0 billion euros, will in future use the all-in-one software for real estate transactions from EverReal for Digitization of your rental processes. For the first time, a new function of EverReal is used, which was specially developed to optimize cooperation with partners. For example, property data can be shared among partners with one click and communication between brokers / property managers and INDUSTRIA WOHNEN takes place directly in the EverReal portal. This means real-time reporting, fewer e-mails and significant time savings of up to 70 percent per new rental.

“It's a win-win-win situation - for us as INDUSTRIA WOHNEN as well as for our partners and prospective tenants,” says Jürgen Hau, Managing Director of INDUSTRIA WOHNEN. “Everyone involved can communicate with one another more quickly and easily. Our partners benefit just as much as we do from the simplified collaboration, and potential tenants who are interested in an apartment from our portfolio only have to spend a fraction of the time required to apply. As a modern housing company with holdings and partners in numerous different locations in Germany, the use of EverReal is an important step for us in the course of our digitization strategy. "

The digital solution for renting and selling real estate developed by EverReal is used by INDUSTRIA WOHNEN in the area of ​​the residential real estate portfolio managed by the company itself. It enables almost the entire rental process to be handled automatically and thus relieves the rental teams of a large part of their previous routine tasks, so that the time required to rent an apartment is significantly reduced. At the same time, communication is greatly simplified and accelerated, both with prospective tenants and with the various cooperation partners of INDUSTRIA WOHNEN.

"We are pleased that with INDUSTRIA WOHNEN we were able to convince one of the large and nationwide active residential property specialists from EverReal", says Nessim Djerboua, co-founder and CEO of EverReal. “The discussions in advance showed us once again how important it has become for companies not only to offer their customers a modern user experience, but also to use the potential that is more repetitive and routine with data available in real time and the greatest possible elimination Administrative activities are connected. "

INDUSTRIA WOHNEN works with a nationwide network of brokers and property managers. For the cooperation with these partners, EverReal offers the possibility to share master data on objects easily and simply, but securely. Approval processes between INDUSTRIA WOHNEN and individual partners are mapped via the platform and information about concluded rental contracts or related data is automatically sent back to INDUSTRIA WOHNEN from the respective partner. Since all rental activities are mapped in real time with the new digital solution, network-internal reporting is much easier, faster and more transparent.

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