EverReal revolutionizes digital interaction through real-time connection of business partners

  • Share data, get approvals and feedback - enabling digital collaboration in one platform for the first time
  • Digital owner communication for more efficient work and modern customer experience possible for the first time in EverReal

Munich, February 3, 2021 - Munich-based PropTech EverReal GmbH, the provider of the first and only integrated software for the rental and sale of real estate in Germany, is now offering the "Connect Business Partner" function, revolutionizing digital interaction between all business partners involved in the rental and sale of real estate. The novel feature, which is now available at no additional cost in the standard version of EverReal, transforms interaction and collaboration in the real estate industry into a contemporary, structured real-time communication. Administrators, asset managers and brokers benefit from up-to-date data, DSGVO-safe procedures and efficient work processes. In addition, they score points with their clients with a modern customer experience based on speed and transparency.

New feature based on extensive customer feedback

The addition of the new feature to EverReal is the result of close cooperation with numerous existing customers. "From the very beginning, we have developed the EverReal platform in close exchange with our customers in order to offer exactly the functionalities that will make them work more efficiently and easily," says Nessim Djerboua, co-founder and CEO of EverReal GmbH. "The digital connection of business partners and property owners in the platform is a completely new feature in the market, which many of our customers have been asking for for a long time. The new feature makes collaboration easier and more time-saving than ever before." Jan-Hendrik Schönfeld, Managing Director of Calenberger Immobilien GmbH, illustrates the considerable time savings with a practical example: "Previously, we had to download the self-disclosure and other documents from each individual prospective buyer, then upload them again, send them to the owner by email, wait for the owner's response, and so on. With 'Connect Business Partner' it's two clicks. The owner sees all relevant information and can reply immediately. This saves 80 percent time in the decision-making process."

Simple, efficient and fast - customers and employees benefit equally

Right from the market launch of EverReal around three years ago, the focus was on offering users of this digital solution a contemporary customer experience and a high level of ease of use, as they have long been accustomed to in other areas of daily life. This includes, above all, largely intuitive operation without lengthy product training or implementation phases, relief from monotonous, repetitive routine tasks, and the possibility of using mobile devices from almost any location. Sascha Lübke, Managing Director of COMPASS IMMOBILIEN, sums up his impression of the latest addition to EverReal: "It's a completely different way of working that also brings a modern customer experience: professional, transparent, fast. It simply fits into the digital age and is fun - for our employees and our customers."

EverReal drives digitalization in the real estate industry

Particularly in connection with transactions such as the leasing and sale of real estate, there is regularly a sequence of interactions between real estate managers, asset managers, brokers, owners and interested parties, which up to now have mainly been handled by telephone and e-mail, and in some cases even by fax or by mail. This often results in information losses and delays because individual agreements are not immediately known to all other parties involved, or essential information, for example in e-mail attachments, cannot be accessed. This applies, for example, to the coordination and finalization of exposés, the definition of criteria and coordination for the selection of interested parties, coordination with clients and information on the property or reports, for example on the current occupancy status. With the latest expansion of its range of functions, EverReal instead makes it possible to bring together all relevant information on a property or a transaction in one place and make it accessible to all parties involved in real time. Any questions or ambiguities can be quickly clarified with the help of the integrated chat-like function.

Infographic: These are the features offered by the new "Connect Business Partner" function:

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