SCHUFA - credit check for landlords

Thanks to the integrated SCHUFA query, EverReal customers can see with just a few clicks whether there are negative entries for a prospect or whether a tenancy can be started without any problems.

The "Protection Association for General Credit Protection", or SCHUFA for short, was founded in 1927 and has stood for seriousness and reliability ever since.

As a leading solution provider of credit reporting and information services for companies and consumers, the company has data on 67.9 million natural persons and around 6 million companies.

Integrated SCHUFA query

After the viewing appointment, interested parties have the opportunity to submit their self-assessment digitally. Landlords can then view and check all applicants in a clear and structured manner. When deciding on the new tenant, a credit check cannot be missing and therefore landlords can check the creditworthiness via SCHUFA directly in EverReal with just a few clicks.

Save time through integration

With the integrated SCHUFA query, EverReal customers save approx. 10 minutes of time with each individual credit check. Thanks to the digital process, all information and data of the applicants are already available and employees can check the creditworthiness with just one click.

Simplification of proof of legitimate interest

The systematic query via EverReal makes it much easier for real estate companies to prove their legitimate interest. This leads to a significant reduction in the overall effort, especially for large inventory holders who regularly have a high number of Schufa queries.

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