REAL CUBE- The API-Platform

The REALCUBE platform with its "API-first" approach has been designed in such a way that you can easily connect your foundation with this innovative potential as needed. 

And we do this via our App Store, without the need for time-consuming interface projects, lengthy selection processes, and laborious coordination with different providers. Together with our partners, REALCUBE operates a marketplace via App Store so that you can benefit from at any time: Simply put together your individual IT ecosystem, just the way you want it!

In its store, industry representatives will find innovative apps for leasing and marketing, facility management and reporting, for example. All these apps, such as EverReal, can be linked together to form an individual ecosystem at the click of a mouse.

Best of all, key metrics from the various apps can be mapped in reports and dashboards - enabling you to realize "management insights" at executive level in real time.

One platform

The REALCUBE platform allows you to easily digitize any real estate portfolio. Start with your most important master data and expand your ecosystem step by step to include the topics of leasing, marketing, building technology, finance and development. In this way, you systematically collect your most important data on one platform and can evaluate it at any time in the form of standard reports!

Endless Apps

The number of specialized apps for the real estate market is almost endless. Once connected to REALCUBE, you can select the apps you are interested in from our App Store and connect them to your organization at the push of a button. Time-consuming and expensive interface projects are thus a thing of the past. The master data required in each case is automatically available to your apps. This creates your personal ecosystem, which you can expand at any time!

Reports at the button

With all parties working on one platform, manual information exchange and time-consuming reporting are a thing of the past. At REALCUBE, we make sure that your employees are ready for digital management in just a few minutes!

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