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iX-Haus - the customisable ERP from CREM SOLUTIONS

CREM SOLUTIONS develops iX-Haus - the ERP software solution for real estate management. iX-Haus is individually tailored to individual customer needs and is consistently modular in design. The wide range of functions of the programme - starting with property and financial accounting, through space and contract management to accounting & secure payment processes - is supplemented by extension modules or partner solutions as required. In this way, iX-Haus users can map almost all processes for commercial and technical property management with software support.

iX-Haus - Software for real estate management

With iX-Haus you can digitally map almost all processes of real estate management in one solution - automated and standardised to the greatest possible extent. The software and the associated services are continuously updated and expanded.

Perfect basis with interfaces to special solutions

iX-Haus can be ideally supplemented by specialised extension modules and interfaces to partner solutions. In this way, almost all software-relevant work processes can be mapped in an eco-system.

Individual customer service

Personal advice and solution-oriented customer service are the basis for a partnership at eye level at CREM SOLUTIONS. The individual customisation of iX-Haus and special programming are just as much a part of this as training and other services related to iX-Haus.

Interface EverReal and iX-Haus

Professionalise your core business processes: tenant change and sales

EverReal can be connected to Crem Solution's iX-Haus ERP system via an interface - for seamless processes without additional data imports. The interface ensures data integration through a one-time master data import and regular data synchronisation.

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