5 reasons for letting real estate digitally

The real estate industry is booming - the order situation for property managers, landlords and property managers has never been as good. Nevertheless, there is still no comprehensive digitization in the real estate industry, which results in many missed opportunities.

Digital processes help to handle the entire tenant change process faster, more effectively and with less stress and will play an increasingly important role in the future.

We give you 5 good reasons why digital rental is the right step now.

Find tenants quickly - through digital processes

The problem is known. A new property is advertised and immediately there are over 100 inquiries from interested parties. The right person must now be found among all these possible tenants. However, this is difficult to do with analog methods.

In order to find the perfect tenant so far, innumerable interested parties have to be checked and assessed manually, and a self-assessment has to be submitted. The landlord must then also obtain SCHUFA information on the basis of the income certificate. On the one hand, this means an extremely high expenditure of time, on the other hand, it is still not guaranteed to always filter out the most suitable applicant from all inquiries in this way. Often, due to time and cost reasons, not all inquiries are processed in the first place, the perfect tenant can easily slip through the grid.

It is precisely at this point in the search for tenants that digital processes can help property managers and landlords, keyword: smart tenant matching.

Before the apartment is advertised, a digital requirement profile of the desired tenant can be created and various parameters, such as Household size, income range or type of employment can be determined.

A software then compares all interested parties with the specified selection criteria and clearly presents the suitable interested parties without much effort or stress. If information for Smart Matching is missing, the system will automatically obtain this information for itself.

Customer-oriented rental

Especially due to the hitherto high effort when changing tenants, there are hardly any rejection messages to rejected prospects. Anyone who has ever applied for an apartment, has written to realtors or administrators and has never received an answer again, can understand what a frustrating feeling that is.

Thanks to automated rejection messages to unanswered prospects, this problem of a lack of communication is reduced. As a result, every applicant feels that they are being taken seriously - this ensures a better image of the real estate manager or housing company who advertises and in turn leads to better ratings on the well-known real estate portals.

People invited to the viewing appointment also benefit from digital rental processes. All required documents, such as proof of income or SCHUFA information, can be submitted digitally and even the rental agreement can be signed digitally.

A digital and modern appearance strengthens the external perception, ensures a better reputation and increases customer satisfaction - this is how customer-oriented rental works!

Analysis of the housing inventory, simple and clear

Every real estate management or housing company is interested in having as little vacancy for their properties as possible. Modern processes also help here, because one of the great advantages of digital letting is that you can quickly and easily see which properties are currently rented, which are vacant and for which rental apartment the tenancy has just been terminated.

If a tenant quits, this is registered in the system and the tenant change process can be initiated. This works in a clear and simple way for the employees of the real estate company. The exact overview of where you are in the process always offers the opportunity to intervene proactively. This significantly reduces the vacancy rate in real estate compared to previous manual processes.

Long searches in confusing Excel lists are a thing of the past thanks to modern software. With a digital solution, you can see your inventory of apartments and real estate very easily and clearly. That makes administration a breeze.

Measure performance with just a few clicks

Reporting and performance measurement are also child's play. What was tedious and cumbersome work due to analog processes and was often not possible due to missing data, is super easy thanks to digitization.

Statistics and information on individual rental properties and properties can be displayed with just a few clicks. For example, you can always see immediately from which sources prospective inquiries originate and when and why interested parties canceled. Digital structures are therefore an unbeatable tool in sales management.

Digital leasing offers transparency and analytical possibilities that are impossible to achieve on this scale with analog structures.

Digital rental enables efficient work

Save time through automation - no problem thanks to digitization. Almost all previously manual processes can be improved by digital processes and thus save time in the tenant change process.

From creating the synopsis to handing over the keys to the new tenant - it has never been so easy. Routine tasks such as sending rejections and appointments for an apartment viewing can be done quickly and the apartment handover is super easy thanks to the digital handover protocol.

Overall, these automated processes can save up to 80% in time compared to previous methods. Time that any property manager or his employees can invest better than in annoying routine tasks.

Do you want to know more about digital rental? Then find out more about EverReal and book a demo here.

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