Acceptance and handover of real estate

Successful completion of the rental - with up to 80% less effort.

Clear and readable protocols, with pictures, current meter readings and digital signature. Centrally stored, nothing is lost and can be viewed again at any time.

Apartment handover via app

Carry out paperless apartment inspections and deliveries with your smartphone or tablet. Take pictures, current meter readings and defects directly. The final protocol is digitally signed by both sides, saved and sent by email.

Central document management

From property data, pictures, application documents to rental contracts and handover reports. All important documents are stored centrally and in a well-structured manner. You and your employees can find what you are looking for with just a few clicks. All files and data that you or your customers enter with us belong to you and only you.

EverReal - digitization that inspires the real estate industry

"EverReal is consistently process-oriented and, in my opinion, is currently delivering the best digital rental and handover process. Other providers only represent a limited part of the rental process, so that they require additional individual solutions and do not minimize the costs and process effort. The data sovereignty mostly lies with the providers and not with real estate companies as with EverReal."
Sarah Schnur
Property Management
Calenberger Immobilien
„Thanks to Everreal, efficient and future-oriented work is now effortlessly possible. From the organisation of viewing appointments to the handover of the flat, all work processes are facilitated. Positive feedback from our clients confirms our decision in favour of Everreal."
Andrea Brinkmann
Rental & Sales
PANDION Servicegesellschaft mbH
Reduce the manual effort with every rental process by up to 80 % with EverReal!

The digital handover of the apartment is the icing on the cake on your new and efficient way of renting and selling real estate. Don't wait any longer - every additional day of manual effort is an unprofitable day for you and your company!

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