Automated credit check saves up to 10 minutes per process

The Schufa query has been integrated into the software and saves you up to 10 minutes of working time per query. Once created in your account, the query does not require any interruption of the workflow and is fully automated, including filing. An existing Schufa information can be updated at any time.

Your Benefits:

Credit check at Schufa

Compliance with the statutory data protection guidelines

Time savings of up to 10 minutes per query

Documents are stored centrally and can be updated at any time

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Tips and information on requesting creditworthiness digitally

EverReal now offers integrated Schufa information

EverReal enables integrated creditworthiness inquiries to be carried out at Schufa as part of the automated rental process. This leads to a noticeable relief and time savings for the employees of the respective rental teams. "In this way, we save up to ten minutes per credit check," reports Arne Pistoor, owner of Pistoor Immobilien from Westerstede.

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Case studies
Practical example Pistoor Immobilien: EverReal was a holistic digital solution for the entire rental process.

Pistoor Immobilien wanted to take the step towards the complete digitization of the letting process and rely on the best provider. The main focus was on the holistic nature of the new solution - from the processing of inquiries, the scheduling of viewing appointments, through the digital self-disclosure, to the drawing up of contracts and handover. Furthermore, it was also very important not to hand over the relationship with prospective tenants and buyers to other platforms, but rather to keep them and strengthen them through a digital presence.

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